(RED) |  In 2010, the Global Fund announced the goal of ending mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS by 2015. We approached select street artists, illustrators, graphic designers and photographers to donate artwork to support the message. All we asked was that they provide their own interpretation of the numbers 2015 and choose from a list of headlines to inspire their piece. Launched on World Aids Day 2010, the campaign was pushed out through (RED)’s global network and partners (including Starbucks, Apple, Converse, and Nike). To date, we're not quite at a 0 transmission rate from mother to child, but we are incredibly close thanks to the dedication of (RED) and organizations like them.

For one year, The Fader donated a spread in every issue.

Each time someone changed their profile picture on Facebook to any of the (2015) art, tweeted using #turnred, or shouted #turnred on foursquare, the message was displayed on the data visualizer map developed with Ushahidi, a crowd-sourcing platform created by a technology team in Kenya. Each action turned their time-zone on the map the color red. The more activity, the deeper the color. In 24 hours people from all 24 zones had participated in the campaign.